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Sansaptak Digital

Sansaptak Digital Productions is essentially at its nascent stage. SDP came into being as an artistic response to the upsurge of an unprecedented crisis that was Covid 19. Because we believe in the maxim ‘Theatre Everyday”, and when the world turned to digital platforms to voice their concerns and ideologies, we began converting theatre for digital mediums.


The first tryout was ‘The Long March’, a script written by Torit Mitra, and conceptualized by artist members Anjon, Sreemoyee and Arnab. Taking the long walk of thousands of migrant workers perishing because of the lockdown in view, the film talks about the persistent journey of mankind that will not be defeated by a virus. The film received several appraisals, and awards. This saw the artist members experimenting on several theatrical projects and poetry from the safety of their homes and following protocols, producing more than 18 videos in a span of 2-3 months under the title of ‘Kumbhok’. All these films, rather experimentations, portrait the strong willpower of humanity.


Prior to Kumbhok, several productions have been done earlier, during the festival Dada Again which are completely experimental in nature. Also, 4 Audio-Visual Books under Black’o’rama was released in 2022 interlacing visual arts, theatre and storytelling techniques.


Many more projects are still to come...

Please visit our YouTube channel and Facebook to watch the videos.

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