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H.ART (Holistic ART) is a project initiated in affiliation to Sansaptak, creative organizations and individuals in India. It consists of a team of Artists who loves to be curious. So, we constantly innovate our learning process, through Art and Theatre Pedagogies. The most fun part is to share what we learn and how we learnt it. And, we love to listen and engage. As the name reminds, we do it for the heart.


Innovative and Interdisciplinary Art Curriculum development and practices.

Art and Theatre therapies

Art in Education (Art and Theatre Integration in Classroom Teaching)

Art Exhibition, Festivals and Trips

Theatre Productions and Workshops

H.ART MUSEUM Museum is born out of an urge to make museum spaces more interesting and close the gap between Museum and community. 

Creative workshops- online and offline.


Lec dems on  Art History with Hands on activity


Education In Museum


Design Experiential festivals and special days


MIND’S EYE: Multidisciplinary Art summer program for age group 8-16years

THEATRE THERAPY: inclusive learning program helping kids with special needs.


 The programs are designed through 30 years of innovative art practices that initiates change. The teams of individuals are guided by amazing creative mentors, with extensive experience in art and education.


Our initiatives are based on Education and Entertainment, for all age groups and can be tailored as per requirements both offline and online.


Theatre and Art Classes for ages 10-16 & career aspirant actors and artists (Online and Offline)

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