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Manifestation of Light & Reconnaissance of Action

‘TOD’ is a 21st century Avant Garde Theatre & Art movement, derived from our effective and ambitious maxim ‘Everyday Theatre’. Declared in 2016, TOD has been designed & visualized by our Guru, Sh. Torit Mitra, and practiced by Sansaptak, New Delhi (India).  As it is well established that theatrical art is the most unpredictable; so to tackle this unpredictability, artistes have to ACT EVERYDAY, EVERY MOMENT! Relentlessly working and researching, based on social sciences and practices prophesized by the root idea, “We do not do theatre, we do life”; these enquiries are based on works & thoughts derived from the discourse of the plays written by Sh. Torit Mitra. The nature of the movement is experimental and reconnaissance of the concept of ‘Dark’ or ‘Darkness’, that recurs in his plays as a social philosophy. As he loves to put it, “The light of the star is submerged in the light of the day!”


The nature of the movement is aesthetic enquiry, experimental and reinventing the concept of Dark or Darkness.

  • Ambiguity

  • Unconsciously Conscious

  • Transformation

  • Intention

  • Reality-Thought-Language

Phase 1


DIRGHAYAMA (The Longest Night)

The apparent light of reason is appearing darkest night.

Theatre of the dark is a discovery of truth in human nature, a search of dark and effect of dark on human life. The wisdom or knowledge that we as humans cherish and practice, has actually led us to unfortunate consequences. The phase was focused on creating and understanding the Intention behind the text and actor’s ability to deliver that intention.


Series of solo performances, written by Torit Mitra and Directed by Anjon Bose, has been performed in New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangladesh. 

  • Season in Hell performed by Anjon Bose

  • Setsumei performed by Sreemoyee Dasgupta

  • Shaitan ki Swikarokti performed by Rahul Yadav

  • Vikram Singh Rathod performed by Sashi Guha

  • Maya Mukurer Shotto Kahon performed by Ruma Bose

  • Atmabodh / Ehsaas performed by Saranendu Chaki

  • Hecuba’r Aaobhaan performed by Sreemoyee Dasgupta / Gulshanara

  • Gonotontrer Khancha performed by Sashi Guha

  • Duhita performed by Priyanka Guha / Aparna Banerjee

  • Kinkari performed by Sreemoyee Dasgupta

ANTARAAL (The Inner)

We all have a strong affinity towards violence, but a greater spirit for harmony. The phase was based on the enquiry of the Unconscious and the Conscious states of our psyche. The design of the plays and actor’s preparation was based on the ability to connect with the unconsciously conscious.


  • Bitongsho Bedona; written and directed by Torit Mitra

  • Garbh; written by Torit Mitra, Directed by Anjon Bose

  • Pratnatatya; written and directed by Torit Mitra 

  • Shabda O Svastika, solo performances, written by Torit Mitra and Directed by Anjon Bose, under Art & Cultural Festival Vasundhara 'Celebrating Womanhood'.

    • Roopantor

    • Botshola

    • Matrighaat

    • Omisha 

  • HOURS-144, an intimate studio theatre festival of 8 micro-plays within a span 4 days under the group's artistic movement 'Theatre of the Dark'. The endeavor is an extension of the group's theatre activism orientation curriculum, wherein the disciples learn and execute a play within 144 hours, i.e. 6 days with the final performance on the 7th day, while handling design and direction, casting, acting, research and development, theatre administration and management, costume, lights, props, stagecraft, archive, music, make-up, graphic design and PR.

  • Return of Godot; written by Torit Mitra and Directed by Sachin Bisht

  • Rakshas Vilaap; written by Torit Mitra and Directed by Aman Srivastava

  • Aalop Salil; written by Torit Mitra and Directed by Sukhdev Singh Narang

  • Agni Parvat; written by Torit Mitra and Directed by Vivek Kumar

  • Andhi Gufa; written by Torit Mitra and Directed by Ved Prakash Gupta

  • Aamne-Saamne; written by Sashi Guha and Directed by Dherya Jain

  • Antardwandh; written by Sujeet Shyam and Directed by Shreya Banerjee

  • Kaalikh; written by Shishu Chandam and Directed by Pratyush Bhardwaj

In search of inner Darkness; the self introspection, that leads to darkest corner of our nature and find a possibility to reconcile.

Phase 2


Phase 3


MIMESIS (Reflection)

Reflecting and imitating the inner self.

We as social beings imitate and act according to structure of community we belong to and behave according to that system of things.  This phase tried to discover the actor’s power to alienate from the subject itself and transform into a reflective being. 

  • Batayon performed by Dipankar Khan

  • Roopantor performed by Aparna Banerjee

  • Moddop performed by Palash Das

  • Botshola performed by Atoshi Mitra

  • Omisha performed by Shinjini Banerjee

  • Kinkari performed by Sreemoyee Dasgupta

  • Bebbochhed performed by Subhayan Ganguli

  • Shaitaan ki Swikarokti performed by Sukhdev Singh Narang

  • Jatok Honon performed by Kaushiki Deb

  • Janmantar performed by Simran

  • Atmabodh performed by Niloy Roy

  • Tamas Kavya performed by Aman Srivastava

  • Poushali Magic performed by Shomik Ray

  • Baccha performed by Ayan Banerjee

  • Matrighaat performed by Paroma Bhattacharya

  • Honon Shopaan performed by Anjon Bose

  • Pathure Shainik performed by Bhishma Brata Bhattacharjee

  • Seeta’r Nirbashon performed by Saranendu Chaki

  • 5 by 5 performed by Sachin Bisht

  • Bahir Biswa performed by Rana Mitra

  • Maya Mukurer Shotto Kahon performed by Ruma Bose

Solo Performances, written by Torit Mitra:
ANTAREEN (The confined)

In search of the confined and bounded ideas of light and new meaning of Dark.

Phase 4


Within the confined spaces of our mind we adhere to the knowledge and wisdom that the light of today’s civilization has offered us, which in turn also is the cause of extreme violence and apathy at the same time. This phase looks into the concept of Dark as the possibility of holding unknown wisdom about the world and self.

This Chamber Theatre Festival consisted of 8 duo-character plays, written by Torit Mitra, and designed by Sreemoyee Dasgupta:

  • Sritir Maachi, performed by Torit Mitra & Ruma Bose

  • Oloukik Baranda, performed by Aparna Banerjee & Subir Maity

  • Bektigoto Monokoshto O Aayena, performed by Dipankar Khan & Sreemoyee Dasgupta

  • Quantam Totto, performed by Rana Mitra and Kaushiki Deb

  • Prem O Protihonta, performed by Saranendu Chaki & Anindita Sett

  • Toto Othoba Shada Timi, performed by Anjon Bose & Paroma Bhattacharya

  • Laal Bati District, performed by Ruma Bose & Anindita Sett

  • Ondhokar O Odhibash, performed by Anjon Bose & Sreemoyee Dasgupta


Multidisciplinary, Multimedia, Multilingual Art and Theatre festival.

  • It includes, Visual Art Exhibition, Reading Theatre Performances, Artist Interactions, Digital AV books, and E-publication. The process was delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, completed by 2022.

  • Plays:

  • Pret O Manush

  • Pralobhan aur Prarthana

  • Lonely Bhavuk aur Drunkard

  • Sraddho Accha O Ullaash

  • Nobhoshcor O Barangona

  • Young Man & his Companion

Phase 5



Retention or holding the breath; a state where there is no inhalation or exhalation.

Kumbhok is a curated series as an artistic response to World Crisis. It was the need of the time prompting us to find a spiritual strength in order to deal with fear and express Art with newer possibilities. All that was questioned in our enquiries through Theatre of the Dark movement became a reality and the artistic practice became way of living and reflecting.  

Productions under Kumbhok:
  • Hamlet Covid-19

  • The Long March

  • Widespread

  • Ogochor

  • Itihaash Aar Gorter Poka

  • Bibhabon

  • Bidarok

  • Ogni O Krondon

  • Ling Sharir

  • Garam Rait

  • Bedaar Zindagi ki Taraf

  • Shishu’r Jotheshtho Boyosh Holo

  • In Conversation with Torit Mitra (Shonkot Kothoniyo-Addressing the Crisis)

  • In Conversation with Ruma Bose (Anusmriti-The Recollection)

  • In Conversation with Dipankar Khan (Hypokrites-The Actor)


The perfect form or example of something: quintessence, glorification of inner freedom.

Phase 6

(2022, ongoing)


This phase deals with searching and eventually finding the meaning to existence. The phase puts forth the idea of collaboration with different artists groups and coming together celebrating the idea of Freedom. “Freedom is a will to discover self and others!”


It includes workshops, Artists camp, Stage and site specific performances, seminars, Talk Shows, Music production, Visual Art Exhibition.

  • Anadrita, written by Torit Mitra, Directed by Ruma Bose, Designed by Anjon Bose

    • Lavanya’r Mritodeho

    • Deepshika’r Mritodeho

    • Anuroopa’r Mritodeho

    • Savitri’r Mritodeho

    • Ojoggo Prithibi Aamaader Bashbhumi (poem)

  • Tazzad- inspired by original plays of Torit Mitra. Designed  and Created by Anjon Bose & Sreemoyee Dasgupta

  • Sapnenu Mayanu-  Experimental Theatre inspired by Torit Mitra's original play 'Sept Raison d'Etre' adapted from Akira Kurusawa's 'Hume'. Written in Hindi by Sreemoyee Dasgupta.


Given the Group’s strong affiliation and forte in visual arts and its belief in multi and inter-disciplinary projects and outlook, Sansaptak has always been inclined to showcase such representations during productions, especially, growing stronger with the declaration ‘Theatre of Dark’.


Every member practices creating visual representations of the play in concern through collages, crafts, installations, paintings, drawings, illustrations or photographs which are regularly exhibited during the play’s productions or festivals. We also organize On-the-Spot Painting competitions for school children on themes related to the plays, like, dreams, womanhood, freedom, etc., exhibited during the said productions.


For the first time, professional visual artists of the group exhibited their artworks at a week-long exhibition at Studio Agon during production of ‘Black’o’rama’ including Torit Mitra, Anjon Bose, Rahul Chaudhury, Rana Mitra, Anajli Bawase and interviews of these as well other famed artists by Anjon Bose describing their passion and motivation behind their art. Also, live painting with improvised performances has been our strong suit, taking shape through highly successful ventures like, Studio Agon, Dada Again, En Solitaire, Immediacy, Dirghayama, etc. Installations and drawings / illustrations have often become part of our workshops, stagecraft and posters.

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