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Established in 1992 and registered in 2001, SANSAPTAK has been working, nonstop, alongside the mainstream art and theatre fraternities in the Capital New Delhi (India), exploring, experimenting and exposing different themed productions, workshops, seminars, talk shows, exhibitions, lec dems, publications, and much more… The group has members who are established artists themselves; visual artists, theatre practitioners, performers, dancers, musicians, voice artists, writers, editors, authors, poets, media personalities and art entrepreneurs, and this has always given us an extra edge at producing and accomplishing opulently creative, innovative and unique projects. 


In the span of 28 years, we have to our credit more than 100 plays (full-length, one acts, micro-plays and solos) with over 1000 nights of productions. The plays are mostly written by our playwright-in-residence and Guru, Sh. Torit Mitra, staging critically acclaimed multilingual plays, like Atmadaho, Devenampiya, Garvoj / Garbh, Jagor, Hanyaman / Na Hanyate, Macbeth-Macbeth, Dakshinapath, Mritashaucha, Bitongsho Bedona, Pratnatya, Zawal-e-Azim, Biboshon / Anavritt, and many more. Our plays range from tragedies to comedies, classical to contemporary covering varied subjects relating to global, social, economical and political themes.

"We are a team… we will do it… we can do it…"

"Golden Mantra"

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Our Creative Advisors & Mentors


Sh. Torit Mitra - Our versatile playwright-in-residence, author, poet, visionary, artist and Guru.

Born in 1956, he graduated from Delhi College of Arts in 1979. In no time, he became famous for his black and white paintings, winning fellowships from UNICEF, and awards from organizations like Lalit Kala Academy, Sahitya Kala Parishad, All India Fine Arts and Craft Society and many more. His paintings are collected and exhibited in galleries like National Gallery of Modern Art, Chemould Gallery, etc. He was also aligned to the literary movement of the time as an actor, poet, short story writer, playwright, set and poster designer. He was the former HOD of Painting at Ramjas School, Delhi. Apart from being aligned with several contemporary literary movements, it was in 1992 that he became one of the founder members of SANSAPTAK along with his few like-minded friends.

The group follows his methods of Art, Theatre & Dramaturgy, declaring it as an artistic movement ‘THEATRE OF DARK’ in 2016. Since 1982 to present times, he has written more than 100 plays (full-length, one act, short and micro plays, studio and solo plays); mostly performed under his direction and design, the responsibility now undertaken by his disciple, Anjon Bose. He has received several Regional, National and International recognitions, felicitations, and awards, including Sahitya Kala Parishad, institutes and organizations from Kolkata, Rajasthan, Bhopal, Tripura, Agartala, Mumbai and Bangladesh. Nine of his plays have been published along with numerous articles, short stories and poems. A collection of 12 of his best short stories has been recently published by Srishti Sukh (Kolkata). His name has also earned mentions in various books, journals and newspapers as a litterateur. He is one of the leading Bengali playwrights and authors of Delhi; he is a visionary and a Guru to innumerable Art and Theatre disciples, and the mastermind to unique and multifarious projects undertaken by the group which has helped Sansaptak rise up to the dais that it sits on today. Sansaptak has become the synonym to Torit Mitra.


Smt. Ruma Bose – Our veteran, most celebrated theatre activist, actor and administrator.

Born in 1953, she is one of the veteran actors,  activists and mentors in Delhi Theatre Circuit. She was the former assistant administrator at the Lalit Kala Akademi. Her relation with theatre began at an early age doing Jatras plays with various Bengali & Hindi theatre groups in Delhi. She has also acted in Bengali TV serial under renowned film director Basu Chatterjee, telefilm for Doordarshan by Sh. Rajindra Nath (Director, Abhiyan), and several short films including those under Ministry of Health (GOI) and Jamia Millia Islamia University and TV adverts with veteran film actors like Sh. Dhritiman Chatterjee. A biographical film was filmed on her, titled ‘Thus I Speak!’  by film maker Km. Brinda Mitra, student of Whistling Woods (Mumbai).


In the year 1993, she joined Sansaptak and since then she has performed as the protagonist in over 40 plays, winning awards and accolades for her performances all around India. Besides acting, she has handled costume, properties and light design. As a visionary, she took charge in 1995 and provided her services in administration and organizational matters, also introducing proper accounting methods, and in time, helped strengthen the Group’s activities to National and International recognition. As a theatre activist, she has been felicitated by several institutions in Delhi. She has also worked with several school children, and mentored several theatre aspirants.

Our Team

Other active Members

  • Smt. Kaushiki Deb

  • Smt. Aparna Banerjee

  • Sh. Anirban Roy Chowdhury

  • Sh. Rahul Chaudhury

  • Smt. Tripti Das

  • Sh. Ayan Banerjee

  • Smt. Anindita Sett

  • Sh. Aritra Banerjee

  • Sh. Ajeet

Our Governing Body

  • Sh. Saranendu Chaki (President)

  • Sh. Dipankar Khan (Vice-President)

  • Sh. Rana Mitra (Vice-President)

  • Sh. Anjon Bose (Secretary)

  • Smt. Paroma Bhattacharya (Treasurer)

  • Smt. Sreemoyee Dasgupta (EC Member)

  • Sh. Sachin Bisht (EC Member)

  • Sh. Aman Srivastava (EC Member)

  • Smt. Sita  (EC Member)

  • Sh. Subir Maity (EC Member)

  • Smt. Chandana Mitra (EC Member)

Our Founding Members

  • Late Sh. Tushar Mitra

  • Late Sh. Gautam Sengupta

  • Sh. Pranab Ganguli

  • Sh. Protip Bhowmik

  • Smt. Kalpana Bhowal

  • Sh. Dipankar Khan

  • Sh. Torit Mitra

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  • We have the birthright on every language, caste, creed, race, gender and color.

  • Our political ideology is a truth that stands against injustice and malfeasance.

  • Our friends are those whose theories are assiduous and responsible towards others.

  • Modernism and post-modernism are like God or Satan; both do not exist.

  • Our only faith is human history that is written everyday by the people.


  • Gopa’r Obhishaap

  • Jonmantor

  • Seeta’r Nirbashon

  • A Season in Hell

  • Devil’s Dialogue / Shaitaan ki Swikarokti

  • Setsumei

  • Kinkari

  • Maya Mukurer Shotto Kahon

  • Sporsho

  • Richard III

  • Matrighaat

  • Roopantor

  • Jatok Honon

  • Honon Shopaan

  • Pathure Shainik

  • 5 by 5

  • Tamas Kavya

  • Dhorshita

  • Studio AGON



  • Arokto Shomoy

  • Nidaan

  • Binidra

  • Canvas’e Konkaboti

  • Return of Godot

  • Into the Fool’s Paradise

  • Anirbochonio Robi

  • 7 Raison d’etre

    • Rod Makhaa Brishti

    • Aamloki Bagaan

    • Andhi Gufa

    • Rakshas Vilaap

    • Nodi’r Naame Graam

    • The Redolent Wheatfield



  • Uttaradhikaar

  • Nijo Bash-Bhoomey

  • Atmadaho

  • Upashalya / Hari Bhari Khwahish

  • Macbeth-Macbeth

  • Devanampiya

  • Zawal-e-Azim

  • Mritashaucha

  • Aneek

  • Hanyaman / Na Hanyate

  • Dakshinapath

  • Jagor

  • Vasansi Jirnani

  • Biboshon / Anavritt

  • Garvoj / Garbh

  • Bitongsho Bedona

  • Pratnatatya

  • Nirobodhi

  • Bohubrihee



  • Hamlet Covid-19

  • The Long March

  • Widespread

  • Ogochor

  • Itihaash Aar Gorter Poka

  • Bibhabon

  • Bidarok

  • Pret O Manush

  • Pralobhan aur Prarthana

  • Lonely Bhavuk aur Drunkard

  • Nobhoshchor O Barangona

  • Ogni O Krondon

  • Ling Sharir

  • Garam Rait

  • Bedaar Zindagi ki Taraf

  • Shishu’r Jotheshtho Boyosh Holo


  • Sritir Maachi

  • Oloukik Baranda

  • Toto Othoba Shada Timi

  • Prem O Protihonta

  • Bektigoto Monokoshto O Aayena

  • Quantum Totto

  • Lalbati District

  • Ondhokaar O Odhibaash


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