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“All Art, be it painting, poetry, or performance, no matter what or by whom it is created, are nothing but childish trifles, unless written and painted from LIFE…”

- Torit Mitra

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An avant-garde theatre and art group based in New Delhi (India), ‘SANSAPTAK’ derives its name from Mahabharata that means ‘indomitable soldiers’. Together, we believe in the motto ‘Perform or Perish’!

Established in 1992, and registered in 2001, we are a voluntary organization that encompasses members who are theatre practitioners, performers, mime artists, visual artists, graphic designers, dancers, musicians, authors, poets and art educators; researching and practicing different alternative art methods.

The group has always encouraged intellect over craft, therefore, favoring experimentation and exploration by following interdisciplinary subjects, integrated curriculums and various orientation procedures and scholastic programs. With more than 1000 theatre productions of over 90 plays to our credit, art projects, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, talk shows, and much, much more, we welcome you to our world, where fantasy becomes reality!

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SANSAPTAK is dedicated to the cause of theatre, visual arts, edutainment, human rights, and its exigencies. Our objective has been to present quality aesthetic artistic endeavors to discerning audience and readers, on varied themes that reflect topical concerns. We also aim to inculcate in the community, the members and the younger generation, a sense of responsibility and involvement, promoting the understanding of the fraternity and raising their level of artistic and aesthetic sense and ideas of humanism.  

There's magic in ART, and that magic is SANSAPTAK.


For the past 28 years, SANSAPTAK has been art and theatre fraternities, exploring, experimenting and exposing different themed productions, workshops, seminars, talk shows, exhibitions, lec dems, publications, and much more

TOD is a multidisciplinary art movement that was begun by Sansaptak in 2016. It is the manifestation of light and reconnaissance of actions. Right now, we are in the fifth phase of the movement.

SDP is, essentially, a new branch that was formed in 2019, highly impacted by the Corona crisis and the need to turn to digital media. Ever since, we have produced several digital productions and live sessions on art, theatre, poetry and its exigencies.

H.ART or Holistic ART is an initiative of the Group that engages more in edutainment, designing performing and visual arts workshops for training and creative development of children and adults as well by experienced and respected mentors.

Since inception, the Group has collaborated, organized, hosted and participated in several art and theatre festivals around India. Every festival is dedicated to a theme and, a specific ideology that engages the entire community to participate in the fun.

Yavanpat is the annual newsletter of the Group that was started in 1994. Till date, 20 editions have been released. There are other publications of the group also.

We believe in practicing art every day, 24x7, 365 days a year! Studio Agon is a laboratory, where we experiment with hypotheses and try to discover outcomes. So, it has become a hustling-bustling place, be it rehearsals of productions, discussions, deliberations, micro-productions, exhibitions, commemorations of important dates, workshops, and so much more.

ongoing and upcoming projects

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SANSAPTAK'S New Production ,Dynosian Poetic Play ' PONKIL O SHUNDOR'- The Murky and Beautiful ( In Bangla) Script, Design & Direction  Sh. Torit Mitra. Associate Directors Anjon & Sreemoyee. 

Sat 23 & Sun 24 December '23
At Studio AGON - H /1511, Basement,C.R.Park. New Delhi-110019

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Improvised visual theatre, performed by Actors of Sansaptak. Immediacy is an experimental theatre project that pushes the actors limits with dynamic exaggeration, Transformation, Conscious Unconscious .

Contact 9871727231,

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The course details are as follows:

( for 16 years and above acting training)  three months 5 days a week, timing - 4 to 6pm , acting , voice and body training and a production to add to portfolio, along with recognised certificate. 

Dazzle -
( 10 to 16 years) for two days a week, 2 hours session 
minimum 3 months

Mind's Eye-
Interdisciplinary Summer/ Winter Workshop ( Visual art,Music , Animation, Storytelling, film making, Theatre )- 10days in May and June(Summer Break) and 7days in Dec- Jan (Winter Break) timing 10 am to 12pm.
2 batches- including of showcase of the work and certificate.

Contact 9871727231,

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